FAIC 2021 IS HERE!!!

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam, The 1st FPT AI Conference will be held fully online via Remo.co Platform from 17/8/2021 to 21/8/2021

FPT AI Conference (FAIC) is organized by FPT Corporation, FPT Software, FPT Education and FPT Smart Cloud, dedicated for AI specialists, AI students in FPT University and AI enthusiasts.

Register for the conference by fill in the link here: https://bit.ly/faic2021

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us via email: faic@fpt.com.vn

FAIC 2021 IS HERE!!!
Due to the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam, The 1st FPT AI Conference will be held fully online via remo.co.

We invite submissions of papers on all topics related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Mining for the FPT’s conference proceedings.

Submissions will open on Oct. 30th, 2020, 7:00 AM and close on Jan. 25th, 2021, 11:59 PM VNT

The results will be announced on Mar. 1st, 2021

Camera Ready deadline is on Mar. 23rd, 2021

Authors should include a full title for their paper, as well as a complete paper by the submission deadline.

Submitted papers can be up to 5 pages long, not including references, and up to 6 pages when references and acknowledgments are included. Any paper exceeding this length will automatically be rejected. Authors have the option of submitting one supplementary manuscript containing further details of their work and a separate file containing code that supports experimental findings; it is entirely up to the reviewers to decide whether they wish to consult this additional material.

All submissions must be electronic, and must closely follow the formatting guidelines in the templates; otherwise they will automatically be rejected. The author list at the submission deadline will be considered final, and no changes in authorship will be permitted for accepted papers.

Reviewing Criteria

Accepted papers must contain significant novel results. Results can be either theoretical or empirical. Results will be judged on the degree to which they have been objectively established and/or their potential for scientific and technological impact. Reproducibility of results and easy availability of code will be taken into account in the decision-making process.

Style and Author Instructions

View author and style instructions, Style files and an example paper are available in the Author Instructions zone

Travel Support

First Authors or Presenters of papers which are accepted will be paid for travel to conference venues according to business trip rules.


  • Best Paper Award: 30M
  • Best Paper Runner-Up Award: 1 x 10M
  • Best Student Award: 10M
  • Best International Paper Award: 3 x 10M
  • Committed Department Award: 5M
  • Best Poster Award: 5M
  • Best Presentation Award: 5M
  • Dedication Award: 40 x 1M

and so on.

Best Paper and Best Paper Runner-Up will be awarded for FULL Presentation only, Committed Department Award is for the department with most accepted papers, Best Poster will be awarded for Lightning Presentation. Best International Papers will be award for best papers published at international conference. All accepted papers at FAIC 2021 will be awarded 1M.

General Chair:

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phong – Chief AI Officer

Dr. Tran The Trung

Program Chair:

Dr. Mai Thanh Tan

Dr. Dao Huu Hung


Day 1 (17/8/2021)
Morning Session: FPT AI Strategy Talk
Topic: Breakthrough to be the leader in the AI era
Afternoon Session: Demo Session
Day 2 (18/8/2021)
Morning Session: Main Conference
Topic: Machine Learning & NLP
Afternoon Session: Demo Session
Day 3 (19/8/2021)
Morning Session: Main Conference
Topic: Computer Vision
Afternoon Session: Demo Session
Day 3 (19/8/2021)
Evening Session
Sharing with Prof. Yoshua Bengio
Day 4 (20/8/2021)
Morning Session: Main Conference
Topic: AI, RL, XAI & Other
Afternoon Session: Demo Session
Day 5 (21/8/2021)
Social Day & Awards
Panel Discussion: The journey to become a global AI expert
Author instruction
Author instruction
Paper Writing

Your paper must write in a way of a scientific paper and does not exceed 5 pages.
In a way, it should include these parts at least:

ABSTRACT: Maximum 300 words. Summarize your research.
1) Introduction: Background of the work. Your motivation. Summarize of the results.
2) Related work: Any work are similar to your work but not quite? What’s the difference?
3) Proposed Method: Explain how your method work. Should not include the details real experiments. Focus on the method/ algorithm only.
4) Experiment Settings: Explain your experiment, dataset, configuration…
5) Results: Your achievement, accuracy, benchmark.
6) Conclusion: Your method weakness and strength. Future work.
REFERENCE: Cite the source of information in APA format (Hint: Check Google Scholar ” Button).

[1] Goodfellow, I., Pouget-Abadie, J., Mirza, M., Xu, B., Warde-Farley, D., Ozair, S., … & Bengio, Y. (2014). Generative adversarial nets. In Advances in neural information processing systems (pp. 2672-2680).

Paper Format

The paper must follow the template of IEEE format. Please download the template here:
Latex with online tool (Overleaf)


NOTE: Paper without proper formatting will not be accepted or asked to be reformatted before the deadline.


*Note: Vietnamese or English papers are all acceptable.


1. Can we submit the paper that was presented at other conferences?
You can use the paper presented at other conferences, however it must comply with the FAIC Template and not be published before 2020.

2. If my research paper is selected to be presented at the conference, how will my travel and accommodation expenses be paid?
Organizers will pay round-trip ticket + hotel for speakers during the time they participate.

3. Can I submit papers as groups?
You can submit submissions as groups or individually and you need to list the full author name of the study. In addition, one member of your group must be selected as main author and correspondant author to make presentation for the research team.

4. How do the Organizers evaluate the research paper?

– Originality

– Paper is applicable sound

– Paper is well structured and clear

– Results are adequately evaluated


and many other awards

Keynote speakers

Mr. Truyen Tran
Mr. Truyen Tran
Associate Professor
More detail
Mr. Long Tran-Thanh
Mr. Long Tran-Thanh
Associate Professor
More detail
Mr. Hung Tran
Mr. Hung Tran
Doctor in AI
More detail
Mr. Bao Dai
Mr. Bao Dai
AI Engineer
More detail